liberty express STORE

design parameters and furniture system.

miami, Florida. 2019.

The style guide for the commercial spaces of Liberty Express stores and its sub-brand Ship and Print, constitutes a series of design and construction parameters to follow in order to homologate the image of future spatial interventions.

 A furniture system, whose components can be combined in a flexible way, was developed in response to the need of adaptation that involves intervening spaces of different characteristics.


A continuous limit was created using different pieces of furniture, in order to determine the shape and dimensions of front of house and back of house areas. The emplacement of this volume in the space generates all necessary boundaries and links between costumers and service areas. 

 The public area has been designed to respond to multiple uses, where the client has the opportunity to chill out, work, and socialize, when having access to the main brand services.



Arch. Daniela Sanz

Arch. Ana Lasala


Arch. Iván Guzmán.

Executive architect: Alejandro Branger.