RESToration of the university olympic stadium

UCV, Caracas, Venezuela. 2006.


To celebrate America’s Cup in 2007, the Carlos Raúl Villanueva 1951 Olympic Stadium on Caracas’s University Campus was renovated and upgraded.

    The project included primarily new seating facilities and compliance with safety norms and technical conditioning.  Compliance with current sanitation norms for this type of large public venue was also required.

    The new seating led to creating a chromatic element in the landscape that considered both the inside of the complex and the scale of the city.  For the open bleachers, maintaining Villanueva’s original concept of the project with green risers, five shades of this color were chosen.  For the grandstand seating, a range from red to orange shades was used, responding to the carmine color of the first benches designed by Villanueva.

    The intent was to reaffirm and intensify the colors in a confined but open landscape that faces a space that is more protected yet integrated with it.  This operation gave the original complex a playful and youthful spirit.



Arch. Ana Lasala

Arch. Isabel Lasala

Arch. Sylvia Hernández de Lasala



Arch. Marina Caldera

Arch. Claudia Cassani

Arch. Mauro Trotta

Arch. Olicat Uzcátegui

Fernando Lara

Jacqueline Aldana



Eng. Carlos Rodríguez


Structural Engineering:

Eng. Humberto Aché



Eng. Carlos Englert



Eng. Indiana Cuadra


Installation Engineering:



Architectural Lighting:

Arch. Guido Bianchi